Extraordinary Events

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind event that will have your guests talking about it for years to come, then look no further than eculent. Chef Skinner’s whimsical ideas, culinary magic, and expert execution will deliver an event others could only dream of…but with eculent it becomes a breathtaking reality.

Sunday Riley Holiday Party

Sunday Riley Holiday Party

Feature 1

Some companies throw a normal office Holiday party…but the cosmetics company Sunday Riley wanted a “Frozen” theme party with food to match the experience. So start with a thirty foot igloo, add 50,000 pounds of snow, build an actual snow mountain for sledding and you have the beginning of an epic event. With the surroundings set, eculent created a menu of epic Frozen proportions…salads floating to the guests on white balloons, frozen puffs that created frosty air in the guest mouths, soup bonbons, a dessert that melted away before your eyes just like Olaf and a create your own experimental cocktail chilled in an ice luge.

Rhône Valley Wine Association

Rhône Valley Wine Association

Feature 2

A nondescript building in a nondescript neighborhood in San Francisco became a portal to the future. As guests walked through the doors, they were not only entering a new place, but a new time entirely. There, our 72 guests' assumptions of what dinner would be, were left at the door.

Guests entered a containment area and were asked to put on Tyvek Suits and eat a special palate-cleansing bite. Then they proceeded through a quarantine door, and into the dining space. Projection Artist Elia Vargas filled multiple walls with fully immersive futuristic and outlandish projections that moved to the music by pop-synth band Pine.

Chef David Skinner created a five-course meal designed to tantalize all of the senses and provide a whole new way of thinking about how to eat food. The journey began with a soup that changed flavor with each bite, and ended with Liquid Nitrogen on the table for guests to make their own popsicles. All of this was paired perfectly with 10 wines, representing six appellations.

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Feature 3

A local real estate company wanted an Alice in Wonderland Holiday party for the staff. eculent created a menu featuring food that was not only delicious but even shrank and grew before the guests own eyes.