Ran DeBord


Ran became part of the eculent family in a serendipitous manner. David and Michael were actually trying to take a photo of the new Aquachiles dish when there was a knock at the door. Ran explained that he had received a gift certificate for a tour of the winery but had left it at home. Not knowing that Ran was a professional photographer David asked if he could wait a couple of minutes while they took a photograph. Of course Ran's curiosity was now peaked and he asked if he could help. This is the shot that Ran was able to capture that day.

First photograph of an eculent dish

To say that both David and Michael were blown away with the photo would be an understatement...so was Ran with the dish. 

A serendipitous happenstance led to what is now a long-term friendship and business relationship. Ran is now the official historian and photographer of eculent. He travels down to the restaurant several times a week to photograph new menu items and the general state of things. 

With an eculent cookbook already in the works Ran is composing incredible shots that will delight the reader and any foodie.

Breaking pears

So if you see a really tall guy with a camera lurking around eculent you now know who it is...


Barry Coffing


David met Barry Coffing in 2007 at a conference of local CEOs. Barry was dressed in his typical black t-shirt (Aerosmith that day) and black jeans. All of the CEO's except David kept their distance as this guy was really different. However David saw someone who was breaking all the rules. The two struck up a conversation which covered music, business, food, and family. By the end of the meeting they knew they were kindred spirits and have been friends ever since. 

Barry is a music business entrepreneur who grew up in Houston and graduated from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. After short stints at HBU and The University of Houston he began his professional music career in Houston. For six years he was not only performing in bands locally but he was a top jingle singer, music producer and composer. It was then that his talents were discovered by Steve Tyrell and Barry Mann and he was invited to Los Angeles. After several trips and two of his songs being placed in movies he decided to join the company and move to L.A.

Over the next 17 years he amassed a great deal of credits and awards with over 200 songs placed in movies and TV, BMI songwriting Awards, multiple #1 hits and an Emmy nomination. He continued to be the voice behind the scenes in movies like Moulin Rouge, The Brady Bunch Movie and Winnie the Pooh's Grand Adventure. He wrote TV themes for California Dreams, The Pyramid (starring Donny Osmond) & The Heights. His song "How Do You Talk To An Angel" went on to become a number one hit and sell over 500,000 copies worldwide.




Neal Harris


Neal partnered with David and the eculent team in early 2014 to help develop the specific scents for the eculent menus. Neal has spent over 24 years in the fragrance industry managing and assembling winning teams for local, regional, national and international fragrance operations. Neal has hands (nose) on experience in the creative perfumery / product development process and is one of the most well respected professionals in the fragrance industry.

Katy Perry uses ScentEvents

He is responsible for design, development and supply of fragrances for many trendsetting and up-and-coming brands and products in the household, personal care and perfume industry. He is the author and/or co-author of numerous patents and trademarks for innovative products currently in the market and/or in the pipeline for future launch. Neal is the founder of Scentevents® a designer and provider of scent marketing and ambiance systems for consumer products, hospitality and retail venues, corporate and product promotions, and Scentematagraphy® services for special events, entertainment and scent related programs. Harris is also the co-founder of Live-fx. Live-fx is the designer and manufacturer of a new patent pending universal control system that allows customers to control or automate various effects for computer programs, games, advertising, promotional, film making, themed events and entertainment uses. Expertise obtained over the past 28 years of experience allows Harris to design and advise Scentevents clients on all aspects of the use of scent in their desired programs from strategic scent marketing and brand building marketing programs to fun parties and events- Neal is ‘The Scent Guy’ with thorough understanding of scents and scent systems and how to use them properly. 


ScentEvents article

Barry composing for eculent