Inside a windowless unassuming building in Kemah rests eculent and its multi-sensory environment. Designed from the ground up by Chef Skinner this high-tech, soft touch environment is the birthplace for some of the world’s most interesting and delicious food.


I needed an environment that was technologically advanced and easily controlled but warm and interesting – says Chef Skinner.


Using state-of-the-art technology the restaurant comes alive with changing artwork, familiar scents, and choreographed music that accentuates the artistry of the dishes presented. Unlike any other restaurant in North America, eculent transports the guest to places never imagined with an avant-garde menu like no other.


Our Mission

Chef Skinner sees eculent’s mission is to educate, captivate, inspire, and feed its guests and the community. Each dinner begins with a little education in our food lab on where the food comes from and the importance of supporting our local farmers and minimizing food waste. Protection of the environment and natural resources is of great concern to Chef Skinner and permeates eculent’s R&D process. Through a series of choreographed courses Chef Skinner captivates the guests senses and inspires a childlike wonder that hopefully caries on well after the diner ends. Lastly, our mission is to feed our guests the most delicious and inspiring food possible.

What We've Achieved in five years

  • Proven that a dynamic restaurant environment can beneficial to the dining experience

  • Created a exploratory process for recipe development that is based in science

  • Developed a auditory library of music and sounds which benefit the dining experience

  • Created over 250 unique recipes and cataloged over 650 ingredients

  • Broken the barrier between chef and guest and turned gastronomic logic on its head

  • Developed over a dozen new culinary techniques and processes

  • Explored the boundaries of food and art

  • Reinvented many aspects of the typical restaurant guest experience